There are many places to visit in Puerto Rico on your trip. Most of the people focus on the main attractions of the metropolitan area of ​​the island, here we present 5 nice places to visit out of the way, worth the drive and enjoy the experience.

Las Cuevas de Camuy National Park

This national park has one of the largest cave systems in the world. Visitors will enter parts of the caves and explore a small part of the system. The surrounding areas have some natural environments that offer very good views.

La Parguera, Bioluminescence Bay

Another very unique place to visit on the island. this bay has microorganisms in the water that when disturbed they “light up” and produce a beautiful display in the water. This phenomenon occurs in various places in the world, but in Puerto Rico it is the only place that is guaranteed to happen every night.

Arecibo radar observatory

In the north of Puerto Rico you can visit the famous radio telescope, the largest of its kind in the world. Its large receiver plate is larger than 12 football fields, and is used to detect signals from planets and in SETI research for extraterestrial life. Inside the Observatory there are science related exhibits of different topics to see.

Mayagüez Zoo

Mayagüez is home to the only public zoo on the island. The top 2 selections of zoo animals are the African forest and the African savanna. It also has a beautiful bird sanctuary.

Ponce Art Museum

The Ponce Art Museum has the largest art collection in the Caribbean, including paintings and sculptures. Its collection has many European works such as works by Velásquez, Rubens and Rodin, among others.

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