Not surprisingly, masturbation is an act most often committed alone; in fact, social norms dictate that masturbation in a public place is unacceptable and often illegal. Of course, sometimes couples will include mutual masturbation as part of their sex life, but it is generally considered a private activity. However, in many places, people can take advantage of a masturbation club, a situation where men and women come together to enjoy masturbation together. A man who practices good penis health may find this situation very pleasant, and the following can help him know what to expect during a visit to a masturbation club.

– Do some research. Before attending a masturbation club, find out a few facts in advance. Although many may have a “direct visit” policy, some may also insist on prior knowledge of the participants. Some ask for a name beforehand, but anonymity is part of the game, so most accept whatever aliases a person prefers to use. Also, it is worth finding out if the club is a “jills” club (for men only), a “jills” club (women only), or a “jills” club (both genders accepted). You need to find out if you will feel more comfortable or less self-conscious with a group of other men or with a group that also includes women. (Note, however, that in most cases, men like masturbation clubs more than women, so even in a jacks and jills club, men tend to outnumber women by a significant margin).

It is also helpful to know a few other basics before attending, such as: Does the club provide lube or should a guy bring his? What about paper towels / tissues for cleaning? Is there a charge to enter, and if so, how much? Often times, questions like these will be answered on a club’s website.

– Respect the limits. In a crowded club situation, there will usually be many different masturbation groups. Some may involve many participants, others may involve only two people. Some may involve participants handling only their own equipment, while others may involve hands running over other people’s bodies and genitalia. Be aware that some people may want something different than what you want; If someone else indicates that they are not interested, do not feel insulted or take it personally, just accept it and move on.

– Play alone. Naturally, things get very intense and hot in a masturbation club, and some people may want to go beyond masturbation. Most of these clubs are set up for masturbation only and members are expected to follow those rules. If two (or more) participants feel like moving on to the next stage, they must make arrangements to do so elsewhere.

– Clean up after yourself. Clearly a big reason a guy goes to a masturbation club is to ejaculate. It is up to each individual to be a good and responsible host and to clean thoroughly after liberation. Also, it is generally considered acceptable to ejaculate on the floor but not, say, on a chair or other furniture.

A man will feel better in a masturbation club if his penis is in good condition, therefore use a top-notch penis health cream regularly. (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe for the skin) it is animated. When other guys look at your gear, you’ll feel better if your skin is smooth and toned, rather than dry and flaky, so you should select a cream with a high-end emollient (like shea butter) and a natural moisturizer. (like vitamin E) to create a “moisture lock” for the skin of the penis. The best cream will also include vitamin A, which has antibacterial properties to help fight lingering penis odor, which can be embarrassing in a masturbation club.

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