You want to make up your own face but you don’t know how. Well, here you have the makeup application in 5 easy steps. Follow the instructions and test them. You will dazzle like a diva wherever you go.

Before starting the process, have everything you need on hand. Some of the most important tools for facial makeup are: moisturizer; foundation or liquid foundation; ice cubes; compact dust; eye shadows; eyeshadow applicator; eyeliner; kohl gold eye pencils; mask; lipstick or lip color; Lipstick; lip brush; some basic red tones; tissue box.

Once you have all of these cosmetics and makeup tools in place, you are ready to go on your face makeup. Before starting on any makeup, consider the occasion, the time of day, and even the weather. Always wear light makeup if the temperature is higher. The 5 steps will take you directly from the girl next door to the attractiveness that remains hidden within you.

Foundation or base:

First apply the moisturizer on your face and neck. Cover the ears, the nape and the neck part of your outfit that will show. Wipe off excess moisturizer. Now apply the liquid foundation in dots all over the face. Mix it into your skin and make sure to cover all the flaws. Now quickly rub ice on your face to close the pores. Rub with a tissue. Now apply the pressed powder. Remember to choose a compact, liquid foundation that most closely matches your skin tone and color.


Apply an eyeshadow based on your outfit or the time of day. Choose a light tone if you are going to be in a bright place and take darker tones at night. Also consider the occasion. You can add a little sparkle if you are going to a party. If it’s a quiet dinner, then minus the glitter and just go golden and mix with a color that matches your skin. Now apply eyeliner on your lids. If you have big eyes, keep them thin. Run kohl along the edges of your eyes. Now apply mascara on the lashes, both up and down.


Start by applying a lip liner to the edges of your lips. Make them well formed if you want. Fill in the lip color with a lip brush from the lipstick. Press your lips onto a tissue. Apply lip gloss. If it’s an evening event, apply a lip gloss that adds a bit of shine to your lips and highlights the pout.


Choose basic blush shades, be it a rosy rose or a warm brown. Roll a brush over it and apply it to the side of your cheeks in gentle strokes. Smile while you do it. Run the same brush gently over your nose as well. Avoid circling or wearing too much wear. You have to keep it natural and bring out your best features.


Take a lipstick, lip gloss, tissues, a small mirror, and a pressed powder with you when you leave the house. Give yourself a quick touch-up if your face makeup is sweating or, in any case, if your makeup is wearing off.

A girl does not need to be taught how to dress. It is instinctive. While putting on your face makeup, you will discover many minor details on your own and customize the procedure according to the skin and characteristics of your face. Just make sure everything you try looks good on you. Better avoid it if you are not sure. Now you are ready to do your own face makeup. You are sure to be the best girl!

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