My latest project with Commander may be a brutal Krenko deck, Mob Boss Commander. I’m not usually an advocate for red with CMDR, however this general screams fun and shows what red can do. I am producing this post to help supplement a roof technology video that I would like to do. Unfortunately, being in Japan makes obtaining cards like Brightstone Ritual very difficult. And in the meantime, I plan to speak about my views during the deck building of Commander Krenko, Mafia Overseer.

Primary views

As soon as you’re building Commander decks, one of the essential questions you’ll ask may be what the goal of your own deck will be. What’s your route besides design emphasis? In this build, I selected a creature combination strategy where you don’t have combat damage to win.

The creature combo is a great option for this general. The hyper-aggressive or total pressure method is not really affective with multiplayer formats and often has spells from small early impressions to replace high impact control spells, especially with Krenko, Mob Boss, you will also notice Krenko’s command. to Goblin Fodder-type inclusions. My own preliminary research on the deck showed behaviors in the direction of most of these cards, developing a deck that sacrificed consistency for extra power in the early turns.

Yet another reason for the creature combo may be the lack of quality red beaters accessible to its design. Shortly after searching online for gatherers, I found very few Goblins that could be strong enough or perhaps synergistic enough to help with CMDR.

The sixteen biggest Goblins I’ve encountered so far: Kiki-Jiki, Mirro Breaker, Goblin Lackey, Goblin Sharpshooter, Goblin Ringleader, Goblin Matron, Goblin King, Skirk Prospector, Goblin Chieftan, Skirk Fire Marshal, Seige-Gang Commander, Goblin Welder , Goblin Double, Tuk Tuk Scrapper, plus Goblin Chirurgeon include the best goblins in magic … there were no other goblins that I could find that were strong enough to compete in CMDR.

With Red’s minimal access to quality creatures, Red requires heavy duty controlling enchantments in addition to strong artifacts to help make up for this gap with color durability.

When this deck is profitable, it must be resistant to sweepers, efficient counterspells, and ultimately, to win the battle of card effectiveness. My own alternative was to make any deck that won a game of EDH by squeezing opposing players and reducing their chances of casting solid spells and improving their boards.

Constricting spells like Blood Moon, Magus with the Moon, Stranglehold, Static Orb, and Winter Orb should work very well.

The next question of how to win the possibility of losing the table. You see, Red is basically unplayable for everything – it’s deficient in awesome creatures, it’s a horrible guardian effect, plus it doesn’t attract. And it goes without saying, my existing question in this Commander deck may be how to overcome most of these flaws, as well as increasing the cheat effect to help win loss-making games.

For drawing, we will include Wheel of Fortune, Slate of Ancestry, Memory Jar, and Mind’s Eye. These alternatives are usually fine (with the exception of Mind’s Eye, I think it’s slow), however we want a lot more. However, many of these alternatives are drastically underpowered. Should we also include spells like Wild Guess? Can I create a circumstance where Wild Guess makes the cut in this ruthless format? Cards that cannot be played as Wild Guess are generally not considered appropriate for this format, however we are dealing with this red. Along with the lack of options for strong spells, I am forced to use disappointing spells for small incremental positive gains.

After discovering drwa, we must add some support spells in which to make it possible for Krenko, Mob Boss to shine. These support spells allow Haste – Thousand Year Elixir, Mana Acceleration – Mana Vault, etc., as well as having influences like Furnace of Wrath and Goblin Bombardment. I don’t have all the answers at this point, although after we do, I’ll be sure to update everyone on our progress.

If you have virtually any suggestions for the cards, or maybe I’d choose to talk about my assembly model, check it out! My partner and I look forward to having a conversation with everyone.

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