What can be more enlightening than being able to stay home and watch movies on the same game system that you play? Eliminating even the need for a DVD player … now you can from the very existence of your Xbox.

This is by far one of the best things Microsoft has added as a feature to the Xbox, even when it first launched in stores. This feature allows those of us who don’t have a DVD player to play movies or just like to stay home to create a movie collection to entertain ourselves and others. Many get so caught up in actual video games and forget the added depth of the movie’s ability. Apparently, movies have become a great entertainment additive in many homes and in the lives of today’s consumers. What greater benefit can you have than a gaming system that gives you multiple channels of entertainment and helps you save money in the future? Plus, the new Xbox 360 has even more cool features when it comes to playing movies on the gaming system. Not only can you play DVD movies on this newer, quieter Xbox 360, it also has built-in wi-fi capabilities. Built-in wi-fi lets you have an internet broadband provider and subscribe to Netflix for a small fee of $ 7.99 a month and live stream or download as many movies as you want. You can do this just fine from your wireless Xbox joystick or remote (Xbox remote sold separately). So that also adds another great feature and puts you in control.

Now if you already have a Netflix account, you no longer have to wait for certain DVD movies to be delivered by mail. All you would have to do is log into the Xbox Live internet through your Xbox 360, scroll through your dashboard, click on Netflix (which by the way already comes with the Xbox bundle when you buy it), find the movie you want. you want, click play and it will stream live to your Xbox. Plus, you can buy what’s called “Xbox Live Points,” which gives you two more options to “buy” or “download” movies directly to your Xbox 360 hard drive so that you can later watch them over and over again. Live streaming, buy or download feature that gives you 3 movie options of your choice. And for HD lovers, another added bonus is that movies are played in HD 1080p. looking for a new technological way to watch movies and save money … the Xbox 360 is for you.

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