Christmas crafts for kids are a perfect way to create Christmas memories, as well as decorations that will help remember those happy childhood moments for decades to come. You can help your child create fun crafts even if he is not a crafty person in general. Kids crafts are simple and often require very simple materials. If it’s too complicated, they’re likely to lose interest quickly. You can find simple instructions online for many Christmas crafts and even craft kits so that you have all the materials and instructions compiled for you. This can be a real time saver while you prepare for other festive events.

Some of the most fun and endearing Christmas crafts include handprints, photos of your child, and other simple reminders of how fast they grow up. This year’s handprint image will be a real treasure in 10 or 20 years as you try to remember just how small those now-grown-up hands were. A simple and creative way to display images is to create decorations from photos from the previous year. Each year, your tree will include more and more of those happy memories and become a scrapbook of the good times in your child’s life. These decorations can be as simple as a recycled plastic kitchen lid with a circular pattern taped to the inside. If you want to be more elaborate, you can use scrapbook paper and small wooden frames to create pretty embellishments.

Another fun and easy craft is to use finger paint to make handprints in the shape of a Christmas tree. For a more durable version of the handprint, you can make fabric paint handprints on squares of smooth fabric. A single handprint makes a cute pillow, and you can even use a pre-made pillowcase if you’re not the sewing type. You can collect the handprints over the course of a couple of years to make a cute handprint quilt. Hand and foot prints on a t-shirt or sweatshirt are a perfect gift for dad or grandparents.

Clear plastic embellishments are readily available at craft stores. They can be filled with various items for keepsake ornaments. A fun idea is to use some sand and some small seashells to create a beach ornament, even more fun if those shells were collected during your summer vacation. Shredded crinkle paper and a bit of glitter are also a fun embellishment that even a toddler can help with.

The most important ingredient in any craft project is fun, so make sure the experience is fun for your child. Be careful not to criticize your efforts, and understand that imperfection is part of the charm!

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