A do-it-yourself bathroom improvement company can give this most beloved private spot in any home a new look. A little thought and research, value add-ons purchased wisely to fit in well with the scheme of things can help customize this laundry area into a room of comfort, maximum utility and beauty.

Do-it-yourself bathroom: solving a common problem

A common problem in many bathrooms is the formation of a white crust on the shower screens. This can be effectively treated with the use of a kitchen cleaner and CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover). It simply needs to be sprayed on the shower doors and wiped off; offering immediate release of the ‘crunchy participant’ in the bathroom.

Another common complaint from homeowners is the problem of the shower head losing its ability to dispense water over time and becoming clogged with scale deposits. A helpful household tip for dealing with clogged showerheads is to use a mixture of CLR bathroom cleaners with warm water in equal amounts to submerge the showerhead. Let it soak for a few minutes and then wash it well: your shower head will be as good as new.

· Replacing or adding things in the bathroom can create a change of appearance and add a touch of glamor to a common or utilitarian concept that is usually the bathroom. In fact, today’s market is flourishing with a variety of products, styles and colors in different materials that make up a complete bathroom ensemble, complete with new soap dish, matching toothbrush organizer, garment hooks, loofahs and towels. and bowls for cosmetics, etc. . These are available in a variety of materials ranging from stainless steel to nickel or chrome plated items, to porcelain, stained glass, marble or gemstone, coated bathroom trims to brighten and delight homeowners. These provide a distinct appeal to the bathroom theme.

· After the difficulty of finding, classifying and applying designer thinking to the bathroom, it can hardly be overlooked that these décor elements must also be maintained to look attractive over the years. Therefore, a daily cleaning regimen is necessary to sanitize the bathroom and keep it looking and smelling fresh every time. Remember to thoroughly scrub faucets and tiled areas, and if they still look dirty, try re-grouting. Fresh grout often makes tiles look like new, and it’s much less difficult and expensive to add new grout than it is to install new tile.

Bathrooms and beauty makeovers – a DIY splash of color!

Paint is a great way to freshen up your bathroom and a proper gloss semi-gloss will make it look bigger and make cleaning easier. However, smart homeowners should of course keep in mind that the primers they use for this purpose are those made specifically for kitchens and bathrooms, as they are endowed with the benefits of being mold and mildew resistant.

Color need not be limited to a paint job, but can be extended to bathroom linens and furnishings in a similar hue or pattern to add brightness and vibrancy to the bathroom. A departure from classic decor norms can also lead to great results and contrasts of color and fabric, for example combining blue with green or silk with crepe and lace can instantly liven up the look of a bathroom.
Unique shower curtains, liners and rugs can be used to provide a fresh and fun feel, as can the use of artwork/cartoons or framed mirrors that are strategically placed to highlight the new look.
A wicker chair, a magazine organizer, a trendy light bulb cover all make up little additions that can make a personalized style statement on the owner while giving the bathroom a wow factor. These pocket-friendly options help revitalize this intimate area, and regular maintenance and careful cleaning ensure hygiene and beauty remain top of the list.

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