What are probotics?

Bacteria are everywhere. There are literally billions of microorganisms that live within us and surround us. Probotics consist of several strains of bacteria that are considered good or useful. Our bodies are already made up of good bacteria, but supplementing with probotics can aid digestion and offer additional protection against harmful bacteria.

Why use probotic supplements?

Most experts agree that nutrition begins in the gut. Your body’s ability to break down and absorb your food into vitamins, nutrients, and minerals is extremely important. As you age, your stomach loses many of the good bacteria from antibiotics, chlorinated drinking water, and processed foods. Marinating a good balance of good bacteria in your digestive system is critical to your overall health and well-being.

What are the benefits of taking probotics?

Research is in constant development, but there is evidence that probotics can help:

· Improve your immune system.

Counteracts the side effects of antibiotics.

· Helps digestion and reduces diarrhea.

· Helps lactose intolerant.

· Reduce vaginal yeast infections.

· Provides relief for constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.

Helps your body absorb more vitamins and nutrients.

Are all probotics the same?

Not all probotics are the same. Specific ingredients, bacterial strains, formula, and manufacturing process all play an important role in the quality of probotics. Selecting a high-quality probotic is almost as important as taking a probotic itself. Remember that cost alone does not guarantee adequate quality.

Here are some things to look for in a high-quality probotic supplement.

The bottle should list all bacterial strains and their potency.

Most high-quality probotics are stored in a refrigerator as the heat damages the good bacteria.

They must be GMO-free dairy and vegetable tablets.

Third-party testing to ensure accurate colony-forming unit counts.

When should you take your probotic supplement?

There is a lot of debate about when you should take your probotic supplement. Time appears to be a critical factor in ensuring that bacteria pass stomach acids and reach the intestines. While the debate continues, most experts agree that you should wait at least 3 hours after taking any anitbotic. Take your supplement on an empty stomach in the morning at least 20 minutes before breakfast.

Do probotics have harmful side effects?

Side effects of probotics are extremely rare, but generally consist of gas, rash, acne, bloating, and cramps. While most people do not experience side effects, you should check with your doctor before taking any supplements or medications.

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