Having trouble finding good friendly SEO directory listing? You are not alone! Many well-established website directories can take months to review your submission requests, and most of these established web directories have strict listing standards. Below you will find our free website directory listings. Most of the free web directories on this list are new, while others have only recently been discovered. We will continue to add to this directory listing, so check back often. We are pleased to announce our latest list to help you in your internet marketing efforts. contains the best premium web directories available to help webmasters with their online advertising and search engine optimization efforts. We do our best to find the best new free web directories to list so our submissions get reviewed quickly. Our free directory listing is updated at least 3-4 times a week, so check back often for the latest free online advertising resources.

Note that free web directories marked with an * accept free deep links/multiple URLs.

Thank you for using our free web directory listing. We hope you find our internet marketing resources useful in your online advertising efforts. We hope you’ll share this list with your friends and associates, and we wish you the best of success with all your Internet marketing efforts.

Get some good quality topic related links to your site by writing an article and submitting it to the sites listed on our article directories. Submitting articles can not only get you links, but can also generate significant traffic if your article is picked up by a large website or ezine. If you have a directory of articles to submit it. Each main category has several subcategories, including recreation and sports, regional, home and garden, business and finance, and computers and technology. The Jasmine Directory lists educational resources and public interest businesses, which can be filtered by business category.[10] Jasmine Directory editors manually add resources to the index,[11][12] which according to co-founder GomboÅŸ accounts for 90% of his listings.[13] Businesses and site owners can also suggest their websites for review for a fee;[14] however, inclusion is not guaranteed if suggested resources do not meet editorial guidelines,[15] in which case the review fee is refunded.[3][16][17] The directory tags publisher-chosen listings using an “EP” mark to separate those websites from those submitted by site owners.[5][18] To suggest a resource for inclusion, users can select an appropriate category;[11] They can also customize their list by adding their websites’ social media fan pages and contact information based on the businesses’ Google Maps location that will be generated accordingly.

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