There are certain times of the year that staying indoors due to the weather can make any child uneasy and cause a fever in the cabin. You could allow them to spend that time in front of a computer console or in front of the television all day, but what happens when the lights go out due to a blackout?

Here are some tips you can do today to prepare for that inevitable event:

  • Scan websites for fun, free printable activities for kids. Coloring pages, masks, paper dolls or figures, craft projects, and experiments are just a few ideas of what the sites have to offer.
  • Create a supply chest and fill it with art supplies: crayons, non-toxic paints, paper, rulers, scissors, glue, scraps of fabric, etc. You can check garage sales, thrift stores, or your attic for scraps of fabric, buttons, ribbons, paper, etc.
  • Make a list of emergency supplies, and then divide the list among the children. Ask them to find as many items as are on the list. You can adapt the list to include whatever items you can think of for children to find.

This list of fun activities for kids is not all-inclusive, there are many things you can have your kids do when the lights go out that will pass the time quickly.

Some game ideas:

  • Board games: Monopoly, Life, Trouble, Sorry
  • Guessing Type – A game involving an even number of players and a scorer who uses descriptions to guess words that you can pre-print on 3×5 cards. One side faces the other and gives clues without actually saying the word.
  • Paper board or dry erase: Hang Man, a drawing game in which you draw elements of the main object for others to guess.
  • Acting Games: Charades, Name That Tune (you can hum the notes)

You are not restricted when it comes to portable games and you can easily find many in the store; the problem with most is that when batteries run out and spare parts run out, you’re left with many hours of silence with nothing to do, especially if the weather forces everyone inside.

When the weather is the reason everyone stays indoors, you can open your supply chest and start projects using the fun, free printable activities for kids as a guide. If you planned ahead, all the supplies on the list will be in the chest ready to go.

You can put on a talent show that shows anything your kids did during the time the power outage occurred or while the weather prevented everyone from going outside.

Bad weather or power outages don’t have to be boring, and with a little preparation, you can bring family members together and turn a boring situation into a fun and productive one.

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