Freefall is one of more than 100 missions in San Andreas. He is associated with three main characters. If you have played the game, then you know that the city of San Andreas is very large and the developers have divided it into many parts. Some of the main parts of the city are Los Santos, Country-side, Las Ventura, Los Angeles, and Angel Pine.

You play different challenges in the previous parts. These three are central characters of the video game. Ken Rosenberg, Salvatore Leone and Carl Johnson are those three central characters.

Ken gives you an assignment called “The Meat Business.” After completing this, you get a call from Ken. He invites you to Salvatore’s house. Salvatore is one of the wealthy businessmen from GTA San Andreas. And Ken is a lawyer and works for Leone.

So if you want to try free fall, you must finish ‘Meat business’. After this, visit the Palace of Caligula. Inside this palace, you arrive at the Caligula Casino. And there you have to stand on a red cylindrical marker to start the Free Fall mission of the GTA San Andreas game.

Trigger a cut scene from Free Fall. And in that seen, you can see Salvatore punishing two men for committing some crime. Although he is a criminal, he does not separate any crime. He ties those two men upside down and orders Ken to hit them.

Then a woman named ‘Maria’ enters the room. Maria brings some groceries for Salvatore. He jokes with her and makes fun of her. Then he leaves the room. After this, the protagonist of the game GTA San Andreas enters. Carl refers to himself as a “straight killer”. Also, he tells Leone that he has worked with Leone’s son, Joey. And this alliance was in Liberty City.

Ken, who is sitting there, praises Carl and calls him a “one man army”. Casino boss Caligula listens to the talks. And both Ken and Carl impress the boss. The boss gives Johnson a task whose goal is to Freefall.

There is a gang called Corelli and that gang is a staunch opponent of the Leone family. Corelli is sending some assassins to assassinate Leone. But Leone is smarter and sends Carl to kill all those killers.

As the free fall mission progresses, you have to kill all the enemies and then you have to pilot a plane. After this, you need to land the plane at the airport to finish GTA San Andreas free fall challenge.

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