Soft drinks contain sugar (in the form of high fructose corn syrup), caffeine, phosphoric acid, carbonated water with some flavors added to give them their distinctive flavor.

Liquid calories

You’re essentially consuming liquid calories, and generally speaking, we don’t adjust our food intake to account for these added liquid calories; In short, drinking soda increases your calorie intake and can contribute to weight gain when you consume more calories than your body requires.

A study presented in 2005 to the American Diabetes Association showed from more than 8 years of collected data that there was a link between soda consumption and obesity risk. If you drink soda, you are at a higher risk of developing obesity, this is true for both regular and diet sodas.

A short-term urge that leads to overeating

The sugar in your soda will give you a quick energy boost as your blood sugar rises. Seeing your blood sugar rise so rapidly, your body will produce insulin to lower your blood sugar, this action is over the mark and in the long run you will feel low on energy. Many people in this case will drink more sodas or consume some food due to the feeling of hunger created by lowering their blood sugar level.

Although it may help you at that time, your soda makes you consume more calories due to its high glycemic load.

Does soda make you feel bloated?

Many people may find that they develop a bloated feeling after consuming soda; This can be for a number of reasons.

The carbon dioxide that is added to give the soda, its characteristic bubbling, can get trapped in the stomach, unable to go back up through the mouth or through the intestines to the rectum, in short, the stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable. Due to the highly addictive nature of beverages, they can be consumed too quickly, causing effective gas retention in the stomach.

Sorbitol, which is used as a sweetener in diet sodas, has also been found to cause bloating in people. In short, there are many things about soda that will make you feel bloated. If you decide to have a soda, take it a little slowly, swallowing a large coke with a straw will only cause later discomfort.

Aside from tasting good, sodas provide no real nutritional benefit. If you’re looking for a simple health tip, cut out soda to lower your calorie intake, maintain a more consistent blood sugar level, and avoid bloating.

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