In this guide, I will show you how to use Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD to re-edit a DVD movie and then re-record it without loss of video quality.

MPEG Video Wizard DVD is a frame-accurate MPEG editor that comes with DVD authoring and full AC3 audio support. You can import the content of an existing DVD as a new clip in the timeline and edit the clip and then re-create and burn it to a new DVD.

You must first transfer your DVD to your hard drive and insert a blank DVD disc into the DVD burner. If your DVD is encrypted, you will need to rip your DVD movie from disc to your computer’s hard drive with a DVD ripper, as Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD is only designed to work with unencrypted commercial DVDs and homemade DVDs.

Step 1. Add a DVD movie

Run the MPEG Video Wizard DVD, click “Instruments“button on the Toolbar and select “DVD reading tool“from the drop-down menu. In the DVD Player window, click”Input“To load your DVD movie into the DVD reader, then you will see all the titles and chapters in the DVD reader window. Note that the first title has the longest duration and this is the main movie that we will edit here. Now select the main movie and click “Add to timeline“to add it to the timeline.

Then Title 1 will be added to the timeline video track as a new video clip, keeping the original chapter structure. You can see the 3 chapter markers displayed as red marks along the top edge of the timeline.

Step 2. Edit the DVD movie

Now you can edit the DVD movie as you like. You can:

For. Add other videos or images to the timeline to combine with the existing video and create a new DVD.

To do this, right-click on the video track and select “Input” from the context menu to add new videos or images.

B. Remove unwanted scenes from DVD movie

Drag the edit line to navigate the video on the timeline and preview it in the Output window. When you find the beginning of the unwanted scenes, click the “Split” button in the timeline toolbox. Then locate the end of the unwanted scenes in the same way and split it again (you can zoom in and use the mouse wheel / arrow keys to step through the video frame by frame to find the exact spot). Then click on the unwanted segment, now a separate clip, and hit the Shift + Delete key combination to delete it. Repeat the steps to delete all other unwanted scenes.

vs. Apply special effects to your DVD (filters and / or transitions)

To add a filter to a video clip, select the “Filter” page under the “Effect” page in the Project Manager and select the filter you want to use, then drag the selected filter to the video track and drop it on a video. shorten. Once a filter is added to a video clip, an additional filter label will be displayed near the lower right corner of the clip. To add a transition between two clips, select the “2D / 3D” page under the “Effect” page in the Project Manager and select a transition you want to use, then drag it onto the video track and drop it between the two clips.

D. Create and edit chapter markers

A chapter is an invisible mark on the video that helps you navigate through the movie as you watch it. Instead of fast-forwarding to a specific point, you can jump at intervals, these intervals are chapter markers that you can set here.

You can edit existing chapter markers or add a new chapter marker to DVD movie. To add a new chapter marker to your DVD movie, drag the edit line to navigate through the movie and preview it in the Output window. When you find the frame you want to start a chapter with, click the “set / clear bookmark” button or press the “M” key on the keyboard to set a chapter marker. To delete a chapter marker, find the chapter marker you want to delete with the help of the “Next Bookmark” and “Previous Bookmark” buttons, then click the “Set / Delete Bookmark” button or press the “M” key. on the keyboard to delete the chapter marker.

me. Audio substitute; add narration or voice over, and more …

Step 3. Add DVD menus

Click the “DVD” button in the right timeline toolbox, the whole project will load into the DVD editor window. In the DVD editor window, we will add menus to the DVD. If you don’t need the DVD menu, you can skip to Step 5 now.

To create the menu, you can use one of the built-in menu templates and then customize the menu by changing the background image / music / video, editing text, etc. Now right click on the “Menu” icon and select “Template …”, then a window opens with a list of available menu templates. Select a preferred template, then click “OK” to apply the template.

MPEG Video Assistant DVD gives us maximum flexibility to customize menu, you can edit all items on menu page where you can change background to personal photo, add opening video before menu is displayed, reset menu button style and so on. I’m not going to go into details here, but you can play on your own with the advanced settings. Just remember that most settings can only be accessed by right-clicking on that item.

Step 4. Preview

When you’re done with the menu, click “Preview” on the top buttons. The preview window allows you to do a final check on the menu layout before starting an export job. If you don’t like what you see, you can go back to the “DVD” window to make changes and then check again.

Step 5. Output DVD folder

Now we go back to the “DVD” window and select an output size. The output size is a single layer or two layer disc; This option is useful when you want to reduce the size of your DVD movie to fit on a DVD disc. Please note that the MPEG Video Wizard DVD will either re-encode your video / audio to reduce the file size or make a “stream copy” which means the quality remains the same. You cannot “boost” the quality by choosing the 7.92 GB option for a single layer project.

Now click on the “Export” button. In the Export window, select an output folder where you want your output DVD folder to be present; the “Video_TS” folder will be created in the path you specify here. If you check the box “Start DVD burning after export” here, the burning process will start automatically when the export process is finished.

Step 6. Burn DVD folder to DVD disc

In case you don’t check the “Start DVD burning after export” box in the last step, you can use the DVD burning tool included in the MPEG Video Wizard DVD to burn the exported “Video_TS” folder to a DVD disc.

To open the DVD Burning Tool, click the “Tools” button on the toolbar and select “DVD Burning Tool” from the menu.

In the Burn window, change the folder path that you issued your DVD files to (it should be automatically selected for you), and then choose your DVD burner (you can also choose to generate an ISO file to burn later) and then click the “Burn” button to start burning your DVD video to DVD disc.


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