Because accidents are terrifying experiences. They can be painful, expensive, timely, and highly stressful. But their potential to be deadly is what makes them particularly dangerous and difficult to experience. Vehicle accidents account for thousands of deaths each year and an exorbitant number of injuries. So what makes car accidents so deadly, and what can you do to stay alive even if you’re in one?

What makes car accidents so deadly?

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most frequent causes of death each year and the leading non-medical cause of death each year. There are a number of factors that contribute to the dangers of a car accident. For example, higher speeds mean higher impact, which means higher damage. You go faster in a car than at any other normal time, which means you’re much more likely to get hurt when something goes wrong.

Also, many vehicles are not maintained to the level that they should be. Tires, brakes, airbags, and other important vehicle parts to keep drivers and passengers safe must be maintained and regulated so that they count in a time of need. These are just a few of the reasons accidents can have such tragic results.

How to protect yourself in a car accident

By taking a few steps when you’re in your car, you can significantly lower your chance of being injured in an accident. In addition, there are steps you can take when you realize a collision is imminent to better protect yourself in the event of an impact. These include:

Keep your vehicle’s safety features up to standard

· Always wear your seat belt. This prevents it from coming into contact with your vehicle or being ejected.

· Avoid having loose objects in your vehicle. This will limit the projectiles that could hurt you.

· If you know a collision is coming, relax as much as possible. This will prevent many injuries.

· Try to remain in a normal driving or passenger position and avoid bending over or covering your head.

For more information

While car accidents are a bad experience in any case, they can be less painful when steps are taken to prevent and minimize injuries. By knowing what to do before an accident occurs, you and your loved ones have a better chance of surviving a crash. For more information on safe driving, car accidents, and car accident laws, visit today.

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