Here are 5 popular teen birthday party themes for girls to help you get started planning your next party.

1) Scavenger hunt at the mall: What do teenage girls love? Hanging out at the mall! This theme idea is great and works great for teen girls ages 12-16. What you do is go to the mall a few days before and find ten clues by searching the stores, the food court, etc.

On the day of the party (depending on age) let them do the scavenger hunt on their own. Divide them into groups and set them off to find the clues! In the case of pizza, you can send your teenager with money, so he can buy the pizza and everyone can have lunch.

2) Teen Gaming Mega Party – A mega party is all about gaming! They can be teenage girls and boys, and it’s best if they have a large enough space, like a basement or rec room for the party. What you do is before the birthday come up with a list of 20 or 30 teen birthday party games. Set up all the necessary supplies and instructions on how to do it.

However, when it comes time for the mega party, it’s time for you to retire! Keep an “ear” on things in a nearby room, but give them some privacy. The theme of the games will keep the teens interested in the party, which will make your birthday girl very happy!

3) Spa Party: There is nothing better than a spa party! Go to a store like Bath and Body Works and buy a variety of products or some sample packs. On the day of the birthday, have all the teens enjoy a spa experience at home.

Make iced mint tea with fresh mint leaves and rose petals. Give the girls the equipment for a facial scrub, facial lotion, eyebrow waxing and pedicure. Then let them do it! The invitation might request that they bring a bathrobe and hair bonnet to complete the look.

4) princess birthday: yes. This is a teen party ideas article, and I said princess! A princess theme is not just for little girls. Think of an almost adult princess. You can go in several directions with this one. The ideas are “Spoiled Rotten Princess”, “Diva Princess”, “Perfect Princess”. Basically some tiaras (from Claire’s or Ice at the mall instead of a party supply store) and lots of fun, dazzling decorations in pink. The more sparkles, the better! I promise you, your little girl is not too old for a princess party!

5) Masquerade Ball: It doesn’t have to be as fancy as it seems. But it’s a costume party. Everyone must wear a mask. This is a great idea if it’s a mixed party with boys and girls. Teenage girls can really get into the spirit and wear fancy dresses. It helps if you have a space big enough for an impromptu dance floor.

These teen birthday party ideas will make you think. The perfect theme is out there! It could be just one of these.

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