It can be difficult to survive these days without a cell phone. In many parts of the country it is becoming more common to have a cell phone than standard phone service. Having a mobile phone used to be a status symbol. Today having a cell phone is practically a necessity. The days of being able to find a pay phone on every corner are long gone. In fact, it can be quite difficult to find a pay phone if you need one.

As important as having a mobile phone is, it can be very difficult to get one if you don’t have good credit. Most cell phone companies check your credit to see if you are likely to be able to pay your bills from month to month. Due to the nature of cell phone plans, it is possible to increase your bill by several hundred dollars if you exceed the allotted number of minutes. In this sense, having a cell phone can be like having a credit card. And because of the similarities, cell phone companies want to make sure that you are a good risk and that you probably pay your bill.

Not everyone has great credit. In fact, more and more people are getting by without a good credit history. So what does this mean for those who need a cell phone but can’t pass the credit check? If you fall into this category, don’t worry, there is a prepaid cell phone service called Trackfone. With Trackfone, you don’t need to have a credit check. It is not necessary to sign a contract. You can use as many minutes as you want each month. And if you decide to cancel your phone, you won’t be stuck with the hefty penalty for canceling early.

In fact, you can go straight to your local supermarket and buy a Trackfone for about $ 20.00. Then he bought a minute card for about another $ 20.00. This will give you 60 minutes of cellular talk time. It’s as simple as that. Make a quick phone call to activate the car and phone and your business.

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