An invitation to a baby shower always shows a ‘how cute!’ expression of us But the question that accompanies it is not left behind: what are you going to give? If you are picky about your gifts, then this often becomes a difficult question. If you haven’t had a child of your own, this can be a stressful task. Here is a list of the top 10 things you can give at a baby shower.

1. Baby seats: These are great for new babies. They can be put on this seat, and its gentle vibrations make the baby sleep soundly. Some hammocks come with toys and lights to keep the child entertained.

2. Play Pen: Playpens today are manufactured in very convenient and portable designs. Playpens are not only a safe play area, but also convenient for the mother by confining the baby to a particular space.

3. High Chair: A high chair also makes a great gift. It is very useful and comes in many attractive designs and colors. But high chairs can sometimes be cumbersome. In which case, it is advisable to get a booster seat, which can be easily moved and does not take up too much space.

4. Car seat: If the child’s parents have a car, it’s a good idea to get them a car seat for the baby. Many car seats come in adjustable sizes, so they can be made larger as your child grows.

5. Stroller: A baby stroller, or stroller, is a must for new parents, making it a very useful gift to give.

6. Baby Swing: Babies love swings as the gentle motion relaxes and lulls them to sleep. So a small swing would make a great baby shower gift.

7. Bedding; Baby bedding comes in a variety of interesting colors and patterns, and you can easily find a set to match your baby’s playroom theme!

8. Bathtubs: Initially, babies should be bathed in a bathtub. Therefore, you should look for a bathroom that has pleasing colors and patterns, but doesn’t compromise on safety.

9. Baby Shoes: A unique and memorable gift for any baby shower is baby shoes. Babies need shoes to protect them from the environment from the moment they are born. Baby shoes are designed with soft soles for a baby’s tender, developing feet. When shopping for baby shoes, be sure to find a baby shoe that is soft, easy to clean, and designed for a baby’s soft, tender feet.

10. Diaper Bag: Babies inevitably mean diapers, so while a diaper bag might not be a glamorous gift, it’s one the new mom will thank you for. So a diaper bag, which is useful on outings, is a great gift. You can even pack a little surprise in the form of some things like baby powder, lotion, oil, etc. So now all you need to do is choose from the full range of baby shower gifts featured above and watch parents’ faces light up.

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