We all know that abusive behavior between us is a disgusting reality. Many have been taught to turn a blind eye to such behavior and not participate. Sadly, in doing so, the cycle of abuse continues until someone says enough and says no more.

While we cannot equate abuse of a person and abuse in marketing, in a way the same can be said for certain marketing tactics. Companies must learn to stop the cycle.

Companies want their audience to know that they are the best and that they should be the “go to” place for whatever is on offer. However, too many use abusive marketing when trying to attract an audience.

What is abusive marketing? Abusive marketing is the practice of demoting or demoting a competitor to make your business shine.

Not only is it immoral, but in many places it is illegal.

Leaving aside morality and legality, why would one company use the defamation of another to promote itself? If the products and / or services offered by a company are worth offering, why consider cheapening them with abusive marketing tactics? In fact, why start with the competition?

We have all seen the “wars” that start between this service provider and the one that takes place on national television and on the Internet. AT&T and Verizon are a perfect example. For years we watched them beat each other up by showing how “their” company compares and overlaps with each other.

The audience’s disgust for both of them increased. Instead of consumers touting the benefits of using one service over another, consumers began attacking their provider of choice. Negative marketing showed the public that it was not only okay to be dissatisfied, but also to expect more from their chosen company. When expectations rose more than service, negative word of mouth marketing exploded.

Fortunately for these two companies they realized their mistake and started marketing differently. However, it will take a while for consumers to forget the abusive marketing tactics used. Being large corporations, these two mega industries can weather the storm.

If your business is not among the ranks of a Fortune 500 company, are you willing to take a chance and employ abusive marketing tactics?

Rather than demote or demean your competition, look to use positive marketing tactics. If your company has been in business for a long time, promote that fact. If your organization has received awards, make sure your audience knows about it. Encourage your customer service staff to always be nice and helpful. Never try to fool your customers, but give quality for value. Thank your customers for their business. Ask your customers how you can improve. Most importantly, never lower your standards by actively writing off the competition.

Learn how to stop the cycle of marketing abuse and become a positive marketing leader. Your customers will thank you.

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