Google is one of the most used search engine platform that updates its algorithm continuously for user satisfaction in the best possible way. These changes can have a positive or negative impact on your search ranking depending on how you use them in your strategies. For such updates, take a look below.

  • Panda: It mainly comes into action to assign the content quality score to a web page, which further affects the ranking of your particular web page. Their main goal is to prevent ranking sites from having poor or plagiarized content on their website.
  • Penguin: Another on the list is Penguin, which is primarily designed to catch spam-sending sites. It operates in real time, which guarantees faster sanctions and less recovery time.
  • Hummingbird: This is an important algorithm that is used to add more meaning to the query as a whole. Ensures the ranking of your website, even if it does not contain the exact words that the search entered.
  • Pigeon: It is mainly used to increase local listing ranking in general search results. This ranking can also affect the search results displayed on Google Maps, since it uses location and distance as a key factor.
  • mobilegeddon: This is mainly used to ensure that your website is mobile friendly and if it is not, it may affect your web ranking. It gives priority to all websites that can work smoothly on all responsive devices.
  • Opossum: The main purpose of this algorithm is to ensure that all local results can vary more depending on the searcher’s location. In short, it shows all local results, which increases your ranking for similar queries.
  • Fred: Its main goal is to target all those websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. Such websites include more than enough ads, poor or possibly plagiarized content, and poor user benefits.

The main reason for each and every Google algorithm update is to clear up a customer’s confusion and provide the best experience. And for this reason, they are continuously updated for the satisfaction of their customers. In case you don’t have enough knowledge about them and you do SEO of your website without any information, it may affect your web ranking and you won’t get results. Therefore, you should consult an experienced and reliable SEO company around you who takes care of your project and is aware of all current changes.

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