A Sai is a weapon that is used in Martial Arts in pairs. This is the only weapon in martial arts that was not originally an agricultural tool but used to defend against or break swords.

In this article we will learn how to spin and throw a Sai.

1- Choose a Sai of the right size. Make sure the dagger doesn’t extend past your elbow as you hold it.

2- To spin a Sai, you must hold it in the correct position.

3- Hold the Sai in your hands so that the blade is placed between the middle and index fingers.

4- Close your palm so that it faces you.

5- Keep your arm out with your shoulder at 45 degrees, elbow bent at a right angle and Sai pointing towards the ceiling.

6- Now open your hand and let the Sai fall outwards towards the ground.

7- The wrist must be rotated outwards and stop before Sai hits the elbow. Also, slightly bend your wrist downward and at the same time turn your palm outward, away from your face.

8- Closing the hand and raising the wrist, raise Sai up and pull the blade towards the ceiling.
9- Turn the palm towards you through a 180 degree rotation of the wrist.

10- This is how you can turn. After repeating over and over, you can easily master the twist.

11- The next thing is to launch. To successfully traverse a Sai towards your opponent, you must carry it over your shoulder. Make sure the dagger is pointing to the rear and the palm of your hand is facing the side of your head. After this, release the Sai quickly by flicking your wrist towards the opponent.

Keep in mind that when you learn the Sai, you will probably drop it a lot. Wear something to protect your feet. Dropping a Sai on your foot doesn’t feel good.

At first you will find it quite difficult to spin or throw a Sai, but with a lot of practice you will be able to master this skill.

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