iPhones are popular and have started a trend in phones known as “touchscreen phones.” The elegant features and James Bond appearance are so attractive and sexy that everyone is crazy about this phone. While the masses want one, not everyone can afford one or at least couldn’t until now. I’m sure you may have thought that maybe iPhones would drop in price and wait for that fateful day, but what’s even better is that phone manufacturers are coming out with their own versions of the cell phone sensation right now.

These competing touchscreen phone makers include LG, Samsung, and even wireless carrier Sprint. While you may scoff at the idea of ​​a dummy iPhone, these phones actually carry out some heavy lifting and have added some extra goodies that the iPhone can’t offer. One of those advantages is the battery. With an iPhone, a battery can only be replaced through Apple. Batteries in competitive touchscreen phones can be replaced and removed without assistance from the manufacturer. This has obvious benefits that I don’t think I need to explain.

What else, besides the battery, could have an influence on the Apple iPhone? Well, how about Bluetooth that is stereo enabled? The iPhone doesn’t have that capability, while the LG Vu, LG Voyager, HTC Touch, Samsung Glyde, and LG Dare do. This means that with many laws like in California, you can engage in hands-free conversation while driving and not get a ticket.

Other benefits of the iPhone include picture/video messaging, voice dialing, a memory card slot, data speeds of up to 2.4 mbps and, of course, consumer favorites…carrier options. Touchscreen phone technology is no longer the prisoner of a single wireless carrier.

All the other phones lack one feature that the current iPhone has and that is memory. While the competition boasts up to 8GB, the iPhone starts at 8GB and can be expanded to 16GB. Depending on your demands, an iPhone may be exactly what you are still looking for and maybe this is the end of your reading session.

For the rest of you, read on, here’s the exciting part of all this new touchscreen phone news. Ready? Many of these phones are offered for free with 2-year contracts. For those who already have a cell phone, you already know how the whole thing works. For those who are new, there may be some tips that you might want to use before going online and getting a free phone.

One tip is to understand calling plans. Some plans may have fine print and it’s that fine print that you’ll want to consider before you sign up for a free touch screen phone or any cell phone. Make sure you understand the fees associated with overtime charges on your minute plans, these charges may be too risky and may make more sense in the long run to go with a bulkier minute plan.

Understand roaming charges if your plan has one, and make sure you’re in a good coverage area, especially if you’re using data services like the Internet from your phone. Many roaming areas only offer analog services, so if you are absolutely dependent on mobile data communications, you should investigate whether your local roaming areas include digital services.

Be realistic in your assessment of minute usage. Many people try to convince themselves that they will talk less than they actually do. It is important that you do not look at the minutes, but instead divide the minutes by 60 to get the actual number of hours. This can help many consumers better understand the actual amount of usage they are buying into a cell phone plan.

One last piece of advice is data plans (Internet). Touchscreen phones are great for multimedia functionality; however, you can get the most out of a smartphone if you have access to data services. Most of these phones were made to use the Internet, so it makes sense to look for a plan that includes Internet access. Internet has many great features that are also useful for those on the go, so if you’re away from home a lot, Internet is something you’ll want to have on your plan.

In short, you can get a free phone that compares a lot to an iPhone without paying a high price for the phone itself. The plans may come at a price, but then you can expect to pay the same for an AT&T plan and you now have more carrier choices, so now is a great time to enjoy fancy new technology without paying as much.

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