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Kitchen renovation Fix the wall

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t just mean replacing or upgrading your cabinets, countertops, sinks, and drawers. Have you ever considered redoing your walls in the kitchen?

Changing the way the walls of your breakfast area and kitchen look can greatly change the feel of the room. If you think paint isn’t enough, it’s still too simple, then you might consider laying and resurfacing, or some paneling.

Just adding a few panels to the existing walls gives it a much busier look. In addition, this paneling can now be your protection against chair marks on the wall. Also, if the walls are in poor condition, this coating could hide the defects.

You can purchase 48-inch tongue and groove panels with skirting and chair rail as kits. This is the correct height for wall protection in busy areas like the breakfast area in your kitchen, where in the morning you may not be careful about your chair hitting the wall.

This also allows you to choose the colors that will be highlighted in this clipping job. This is a better solution than wallpaper, of course, although it is much more expensive under normal conditions.

Installation of this panel requires only a few tools, a tape measure, a level and a light hammer, a regular hammer, a table saw, and a few nails. Then simply cut the individual boards to the correct length not forgetting the extra height added to the overall length of the panels with the chair rail and skirting added to their overall height.


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