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natural granite stone

Granite is a stone produced from strong heat. It is one of the hardest types of stone and is therefore used as a building material. Granite has been used for the construction of bridges, buildings, paving monuments, and many exterior projects. It is also used as a design material for floors, countertops or stairs, to name a few.

North Granite and South Granite

North Granite is renowned for quality and elegance. A wide collection of granite stone varying in color and texture is available in the market, such as cheema pink, cheema blue, cherry brown, bullet flower, china white, copper silk, crystal yellow, French brown, green pearl, red Jhansi, jolly gold, rakhi green, raniwara green, rosy rose, royal cream, royal green, seaweed green, sindoori red and tiger skin to name a few.

Similarly, southern granite such as baltic brown, galaxy black, paradisco bash, golden oak, hassan granite, imperial pink, jet black, Kashmiri gold, Kashmiri white, dream of the lady, sapphire brown, siva gold, tan brown, golden brown, galaxy green. , Imperial Gold, Madurai Gold, Raw Silk Ivory, River White, Sapphire Blue, and Galaxy White to name a few are available in the market.

Granite Uses

Granite stone is the most popular material used for construction. It has been used for both exterior and interior applications. It is a very prestigious stone used in the various projects to give it an elegant look. Granite is used in the kitchen as countertops, floor tiles, sinks, wall paneling, pavers, and curbstones to name a few.

Advantages of owning granite

. Granite is a natural stone made up of quartz, mica, feldspar, etc. It does not contain chemical.

. It is harder compared to other stones. Therefore, making it more sustainable.

. Granite maintenance is much easier. In case a scratch appears on the stone, it can be repaired.

. Granite lasts longer.

. The price of granite stone is much lower than other stones.

. Granite is available in various colors and patterns. This helps in the production of different varieties of products.

. Granite is heat resistant and therefore does not burn even if something hot is placed on it.

. Granite is readily available.

Kushal Bagh Marbles Pvt Ltd. Established in 1988, it is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural stones. It is also one of the leading exporters of natural stones from India including southern and northern granite. It supplies a wide range of natural marble stone, limestone, sandstone, granite stone, boulder, cobblestone and mosaic of very good quality. It has a state-of-the-art factory that includes a tiler plant – block cutter, a tiler plant – calibration and polishing line, a tiler plant – chamfering/beveling machine and an epoxy oven.


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