In the current scenario, the accounts section of an organization is playing an important role for its growth and acquisitions at an extensive level. On the other hand, it is said to be the language of business that communicates with actual financial management and its related task. Therefore, accounting software is being widely used among accounting professionals and CPAs. Planned and started by Intuit, QuickBooks 2018 is another presentation on top of the previous one. Therefore, with changing technology, the company always prefers to have a more efficient and user-friendly application for the convenience of its employees and its rapid growth as well.

An Analysis Report on QuickBooks 2018

A warm welcome to QuickBooks 2018, an updated version of QuickBooks is truly a matter of immense pleasure. It is equipped with several amazing features that will surely help its users to overcome all the drawbacks of its predecessors. As is known, QuickBooks is an accounting software package that facilitates the work of accountants and public accountants. As a result of constant research and analysis, Intuit once again comes with a further improved version of QB. This article has been written to introduce viewers to the literal benefits of QuickBooks 2018 and how it works.

QuickBooks 2018 Important Attributes:

  • It supports multiple monitors at the same time: QuickBooks 2018 has been designed in such a way that it supports multiple monitors at the same time, that is, up to three. However, it may seem somewhat difficult for newbies to make use of these facilities.
  • Provides assistance in finding a chart of accounts: This is really disappointing for accountants when they felt powerless to search for a chart of accounts. But this updated version will be very useful for this kind of work.
  • It supports the change of cash or accrual in the reports: It has the ability to provide assistance in changing the basis of your financial reports.
  • Keeps expired stamps: In case someone follows the process of sending copies of overdue invoices to the target customers, it will be transparently displayed that the copies sent are from overdue invoices.
  • Contains new keyword shortcuts: QuickBooks 2018 contains the keyword shortcuts to help your users copy and paste lines in transactions.
  • Take the modifications in the inventory report: Concern about inventory reporting improvements has always been a point of concern. With this problem in view, Intuit has added an alteration option in inventory reports for QuickBooks companies.
  • Mobile barcode scanning order fulfillment has improved: This feature in QuickBooks 2018 has allowed you to work with remote devices that understand the barcode scanner. Users won’t need to switch to a desktop or laptop running QuickBooks at the time of scanning specific items, which is very cool.
  • Allows email security: It enables its users to keep their emails sent by Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, and Windows Live accounts safe by using the enhanced security option available in QuickBooks 2018.

QuickBooks 2018 Merge Vendor Facts:

Merge providers is a type of feature that allows someone to run the merge process of up to 4 providers simultaneously. Some of the selected editions have this feature including QuickBooks Accountants, QuickBooks pro / premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise. Further study has revealed that this attribute has been in demand by a large number of professional accountants for a long time. As in the previous version, they were only able to merge up to two providers. Another convenient feature of this option is that it allows your users to make changes to the following fields:

  • Sent from

  • Billed from

  • Main phone

  • Account No.

  • Primary Email

  • Write the name on the check as

  • Provider type

  • Vendor Tax Identification Number

  • Company Name

The Merge Vendor menu is available from the Accountant / Customer data review menu, which can be accomplished by clicking the merge option or backup and merge. While making an approach to running the merge process, always prefer to tap the backup and merge button for the first provider so that you can have a good backup later if the result that appears after that does not match your choice.

Know some limitations of the Merge provider:

  • Its functionality can only be used in single user mode.

  • Vendor merge cannot take place if a ledger copy is in use or you are logged into an ledger copy.

  • If the participation of the multi-currency function exists, the merge process cannot be executed.

An overview of improved order fulfillment in QuickBooks 2018:

Improved order fulfillment in QuickBooks 2018 is a standout factor that has been introduced by the Intuit team. It is capable of working with a remote barcode scanning device. You can find this feature in QuickBooks Enterprise V18 simply. Another installation included the availability of major updates to the sales order fulfillment worksheet and integration with a portal barcode scanner. This new feature pays off at a great level for you if you are using sales orders and submitting pick lists to the warehouse.

Supports remote device:

Another elegant step from Intuit with QuickBooks 2018’s improved order fulfillment is that it is very easy to set up and work with. Now there is no need to use the remote device to work with the order fulfillment procedure as it can be fully managed through the QuickBooks desktop. It supports two types of Android-based devices and a specific barcode scanning mobile computer model.

Note: This app is not compatible with iPhone or a generic Android-based device that is version 4.4 and later.

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