An essential quality of a laptop is that it should be portable and easy to transport. The current trend in the laptop industry is to minimize the size of feature-packed laptops to make it easier to carry and the convenience factor comes into play as well. The main advantage a laptop has over a desktop is the fact that it is portable. This factor has been the feature of many arguments lately that with today’s laptops weighing over 3kg, laptops aren’t very portable these days. Therefore, many laptop manufacturers are taking note of Apple Corporation’s book as their MacBook series are the slimmest laptops with high performance and high efficiency.

The portable feature of a laptop helps the user to reap certain benefits such as better productivity (can be used anywhere and anytime, saving valuable time), immediacy (instant access to information), up-to-date information , connectivity (easy access to wireless networks and cellular broadband). data services).

The most portable laptops available on the market are netbooks, tablets, or ultra-mobile personal computers. While netbooks are essentially the thinnest and lightest laptops that weigh less than 3 pounds and are excellent value for money. They are best suited for email, web browsing, light word processing, etc., but are not powerful enough for gaming or movie editing. It does not have an optical drive, but it does have slots for removable drives, such as flash drives or external hard drives.

The ultra-portable laptop is known as an ultra-slim laptop and is twice the size of a netbook, yet lightweight and easy to carry. This type of laptop offers the best balance between portability and performance and is great, especially for those who travel frequently. Another nice addition is that it comes equipped with a DVD burner. The battery life of an ultra-mobile laptop is similar to that of a netbook.

Tablet PC is a new generation in the laptop genre and only lately it is making inroads into the laptop market. The increase in demand for tablets has been due to some extent to Apple’s own iPad. It has become popular with many major manufacturers like Blackberry, Dell, LG, Samsung introducing their own tablet to the masses.

Currently the most portable laptop on the market is the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 and the highlight of this winner is that it is fast and light with a great keyboard and a battery that lasts about 7 hours of continuous use and overall performance is great. The finalists are Sony Vaio Z – Series VPCZ137GX and Toshiba Portege R700-S1330 and Alienware M11x.

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